Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine


Help Ukraine

Our first humanitarian aid mission is almost complete and we are already planning the next.

We have discovered that some villages are totally overrun with aid, with more food than they know what to do with and it is going bad, yet other areas have received nothing.

We will be focusing on those places harder to reach and those who haven’t received anything yet.

Please message us if you’re able to help. Currently, we need the following:

  • Vehicle (Drive from home, or use hired vehicle once in Ukraine)
  • Drivers (Standard licence, multiple drivers are better)
  • Regular medication like for headache or painkillers
  • Water purification tablets
  • Powerbanks
  • Basic first aid kits (even if expired – better than nothing)
  • Soap, washing powder, toilet paper
  • Drones (For defence forces)
  • Two-way radios

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