Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine


Help Ukraine

Your donations have supported lots of great work already, but with winter fast approaching it is important that the right equipment is funded and supplied.

As with our previous efforts, we are targeting specific requests from those on the front lines of the war and those in liberated areas that need our help.

Please message us if you’re able to help. Currently, we need the following:

  • Winter sleeping bags (We have a bulk discount supplier, what we really need for this is donations)
  • Powerbanks
  • Drones (For defence forces)
  • 4 wheel drive vehicles
  • Winter clothing
  • Laptops and android tablets for reviewing drone footage
  • Tactical trousers – Waist 112 cm, length 102 cm – this size is hard to get in Ukraine right now
  • Tactical backpacks
  • Further items will be added to this list as they are requested

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Unfortunately, unlike others, we are unable to offer you a tour of the war areas where you are “treated like a celebrity” in return for donations of a specific amount, but if you do want to come to Ukraine and assist us with our work then please get in contact.