Pasha Osidach statue

Pasha (Praskov’ya) Nikolayevna Osidach was born in 1924 in Ladyzhichi village (24 km from the Chernobyl NPP). During the war she joined partisans and became a messenger. She used her braid to hide messages. Nazis caught her in Belorussia in 1943, used enhanced interrogation techniques on her and then buried alive. Her body was re-buried in her native village in 1965. Twenty years later her family decided to order a monument of their heroine from local sculptor Taras Yefimovich Miskovets (an author to a lot of sculptures in the exclusion zone). The bronze figure was ready in 1986, but never was erected Ladyzhichi as by then it had been evacuated. It remained kept in a safe place until it was cleaned and erected in the Chernobyl schoolyard. Then it was moved to the Chernobyl City Park of Glory where you can find it now.

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