Chernobyl: 2 day excursion from Kyiv


This two-day excursion is enough for you to have an in-depth introduction to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and will be enough to show you some awesome stuff in addition to the main sights of Chernobyl and Pripyat, such as the famous ferris wheel and power plant.

We spend one night in Chernobyl, in one of the hotels designated for official visitors.

Passport Information

Please ensure these are the correct details for the person going to Chernobyl. If these details are incorrect, the permit to enter the Exclusion Zone will be invalid and no refund will be available.

Bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable. Choose this option if you’d like to be able to change your booking up to 48 hours before the trip.

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Arrive at the meeting point in Kyiv with plenty of time to check in, ensuring you have your passport and booking confirmation with you. If you have different information on your permit to on your passport, we can not guarantee being able to help you.

Leave Kyiv at 07:45 sharp.

Drive to Dytyatky, stopping for breakfast on the way if the group wish.

Dytyatky Checkpoint: Entrance to the 30km zone. Passports and permits will be checked.

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Zalissya: explore abandoned houses, a shop, Palace of Culture and more.

Leliv Checkpoint. Enter the 10km zone.

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Duga: After passing one more checkpoint, we will see the Radar, Control Block, Hospital, School, Driving School, Fire Department and Palace of Culture.

Brief stop in the village of Kopachi, to see the abandoned kindergarten and find out why it is the only building in the village still standing. If the group desire, we can check out the famous trolleybus that was burnt by fire in 2020.

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Drive to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: View the New Safe Confinement from just 300m away.

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ChNPP cooling pond: Depending on the season, it is possible to stand on the disused railway bridge and feed the giant catfish.

Visit the unfinished cooling towers of the next generation of Chernobyl reactors, and the nearby fish farm that was used for experiments on animals after the disaster to see the way radiation impacts them.

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Drive to Pripyat, passing over the “Bridge of Death” and stopping at the checkpoint on the way.

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Today you will have just an introduction to Pripyat, we will see the city centre, a kindergarten, apartment blocks and some places further from the city centre.

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Drive to Chernobyl, stopping at the famous Pripyat sign, passing Leliv checkpoint and having a full-body radiation scan.

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Check in at our accommodation in Chernobyl.


Look around Chernobyl: Memorial Alley, Memorial Park, Solar Power Station and Robots used in the clean up of reactor 4.

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Decontamination shots (if the group desires)

Day 2


Drive to Pripyat, where we will spend the entire day.

We will see: School Number 3, Swimming Pool “Azure”, Amusement Park, Palace of Culture, Hotel, Polissya, Hairdresser, Music School, Prometheus Cinema, Dentist, Hospital 126, Cafe/Pier, Houseboat, Water Rescue Society, Sauna, Hostel Swallow, Sanitarium, Sailing Club, Dance Floor, Bus Station, ATX-2, The Claw, Fire Station, Police Station and more – with a stop for lunch.

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Drive back to Chernobyl, through Leliv and Dytyatky checkpoints and contamination scans

Please note the plan above is just a guide and can be changed on the day.

What to Bring

Please bring your passport with you.
All travelers must be 18+.