Chernobyl: Nuclear Power Plant tour


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Lunch: One of the options for lunch is in the Power Plant canteen

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Golden Corridor: Links the ChNPP control rooms

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Control Room 2: See how the reactors worked

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Control Room 3: Identical to unit 4 pre-disaster

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Control Room 4: See where it all happened in 1986

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Distribution room: Still in use for the Ukrainian National Grid

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Protection Bunker: In case of attack on ChNPP

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Pump hall: Each reactor had a room like this

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Reactor 3: Stand on top of a nuclear reactor

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Reactor 4: Memorial to Valery Khodemchuk

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This tour starts and finishes in Slavutych, and only covers the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant itself. If you would like to book your ChNPP tour with a tour of Pripyat and other parts of the Exclusion Zone, please click here.



Slavutych Railway Station
Place of meeting with accompanying person: you will be acquainted with the rules of stay within the Exclusion zone, check the documents and the form of clothing. After that you will take the train to ChNPP.

Electric train from Slavutych to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Checkpoint “Semikhody”
Here you have the chance to see the first and largest changing facility of Chernobyl NPP.

The route of the visit starts from the ChNPP Administrative Building-1.

Administrative Building (AB-1)
Head Office of SSE Chernobyl NPP. You will receive a pass card and pass the verification of documents and personal belongings.

Defense construction No 1
You will see a unique defense construction intended to protect personnel in emergency situations.

ChNPP 29
Defense Bunker under Chernobyl plant

Restricted area
Familiarization with the facilities where nuclear reactors, auxiliary systems for power generation were controlled, and where the Shelter object
state is being monitored:

  • Central Control Room (CCR-1) is the control room for the open switchgear management and plant shift supervisor workplace.
  • Unit Control Room (UCR), from which all major technological processes were controlled during the reactor operation.
  • Skala. A unique electronic computer appeared in 1973 at the Leningrad NPP and was called “SCALA” – Leningrad NPP Apparatus (Reactor) Control System. Later it was also installed at Chernobyl NPP. It was the central information chain unified most of the power unit control systems into a single automated NPP process control system.
  • The central Hall is the power unit reactor hall, the place where technological processes took place.
  • Unit 3 Main Circulating Pumps (MCP),which supplied water to the reactor core.
  • Valery Khodymchuk Memorial plaque – the memorial to commemorate the MCP operator who died during performance his duties, no body was found.
  • Unit 4 Control room (UCR 4) is the premise with partially dismantled Unit control panel equipment at the Unit where the accident occurred.
Skala computer system at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Skala computer system at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Reactor Hall 3 of Chernobyl plant. This unit was identical to unit 4 and operated until December 2000
Reactor Hall 3 of Chernobyl plant. This unit was identical to unit 4 and operated until December 2000
Control room of Chernobyl Reactor 4
Control room of Chernobyl Reactor 4

Lunch (Canteen No 19)
Business lunch according to the standards of healthful and dietary meals, similar to the lunch for SSE ChNPP personnel.

Bridge over bypass channel
You’ll see, and if as chance offers, you’ll nourish the famous Chernobyl catfish with bread.

Liquidators Memorial
You will be told about the first victims of the 1986 accident at Chernobyl NPP and the urgent measures to eliminate the disaster.

SO Observation pavilion
At the unique, detailed mock-up of the Shelter object you will be told the story of the first protective structure construction over power Unit 4, as well as acquainted with the history of New Safe Confinement construction.

Semikhody checkpoint
You will pass control of personal clothes and things contamination and by electric train will go to Slavutich.


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