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Do you know someone who loves Urbex and wants to visit Chernobyl? Someone who is always visiting amazing places and Ukraine would be a great addition to their list?

Give your friends, parents or colleagues the chance to experience exciting emotions through a unique present –  a tour to Chernobyl. It will be the most unexpected and unusual trip in the life of your loved one! And these are not just words, because:

  • Only here you can see the post-apocalyptic world and understand what our planet would look like without people;
  • This place inspired the creators of the game “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” and the TV series “Chernobyl”, which outstripped the ratings of “Game of Thrones”;
  • Chernobyl amazes with contradictions and incredible sincerity: here you can touch the history, feel the tragedy of the past, get explosive emotions and realize how fragile the world created by man is.

A certificate for a tour to Chernobyl will be the most memorable gift even for people who have visited many unusual places and cities.

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