Retro Geiger Counter Hire


We have a range of retro Soviet Geiger Counters available for hire on tours. This retro technology was used widely after the Chernobyl disaster and still works brilliantly to this day.

The equipment available on this page is from a personal collection and the money raised will go towards the ongoing maintenance and calibration of this equipment, in addition to expanding the historical collection.

After confirming your rental, the instruction manual for the device will be available in the My Downloads section of your account.

If your desired date is unavailable, try a different model of geiger counter from the dropdown list! Longer rentals will get bigger per-day discounts!


Jupiter SIM-05

Jupiter Geiger Counter
Jupiter Geiger Counter

Dosimeter Jupiter SIM-05 is designed to estimate the equivalent dose level of gamma radiation via audible alarm, display readings on the digital display and notices by long beep when you exceed the threshold of dose equivalent rate (DER).
radiometer Jupiter SIM-05 has two Geiger – Muller tube counters of type SBM-20.
Jupiter SIM-05 is designed to measure only gamma rays, and has two modes of operation:
 Search Mode (2.5 seconds) – 
quick search for the radiation sources.
– Measurement Mode (25 seconds) – 
more precise radiation measuring mode

Pripyat RKS 20.03

Pripyat Geiger Counter
Pripyat Geiger Counter

The most legendary popular household dosimeter radiometer from the USSR (Soviet Union), and to the present time.
Dosimeter Pripyat RKS 20.03 was developed after the Chernobyl accident in April 1986.
Radiometer Pripyat Polaron has received great and deserved popularity all over the world. Because the device could measure not only gamma rays, but beta particles too!
The dosimeter radiometer Prypiat RKS 20.03 produced at several factories (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkov).

Impulse DGB-01F

Impulse Geiger Counter

The Impulse is one of the rarer examples in our collection, with relatively few made in the years after the Chernobyl disaster.

The device never entered mass-production and only made it as far as the test run stage. By this time, technology had moved on and newer models had displays instead of the series of LEDs that show the levels of radiation.


ELTES-902 Geiger Counter

In the 1990s it seemed to be the heyday of Soviet microelectronics. And then boom, the union fell apart, firms fell apart, etc. Sometimes there are such unusual, beautiful, but rather rare developments like the Eltes-902 dosimeter, manufactured in 1991.

The dosimeter itself is simple – it beeps and blinks with an LED when it catches a gamma particle. The more noise it makes, the more radiation there is.

Using the table on the device you can compare the frequency of blinking to levels of radiation.