Visit Ukraine in 2023

Due to the invasion that started in February 2022, the Chernobyl Zone has been closed off, and we are not currently able to offer trips to that area. However, as a team that loves and cares for the zone deeply, we are now offering trips to the liberated territories of Ukraine.

Since 2014 we have been raising funds for good causes in Ukraine and bringing investment to local businesses and giving salaries to local people. And, now, more than ever, local people need your help.

While we are unable to offer trips to the Chernobyl Zone at this time, we invite you to explore and learn about the liberated territories of Ukraine, which can also provide an unforgettable and educational experience.


Amazing tour! Absolutely recommend. Thanks, Charlie and Sasha!

Megan R. Avatar
Megan R.

Guys as you may have understood I did a tour in the area of alienation thanks to Contamination Zone. Traveling here is a real life experience. It makes you discover a world still unknown and demonized by us. I thank a lot my Italian friend and partner Eugenia who supported/ endured me, guided and helped me throughout the trip. Other thanks go to Alexandra Chalenko, the best guide you can have for the tour. I have a lot of respect for her and I'm really glad that I met her. She is a sunny and kind person, always available to answer all questions and with an absurd knowledge about historical events of the place and anecdotes.
I recommend if you want to take a trip like this contact me or contact who I tagged 😘😘

Asia S. Avatar
Asia S.

Amazing Trip and experience! 🤩

Andrea M. Avatar
Andrea M.

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Alexandra Chalenko
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