What to do in Kyiv?

City Tours

Walking Tours

Many different tours of Kyiv are available on request, please contact us so we can talk through the many different options available with you, or book one below:

ScootKyiv Group Tours

ScootKyiv is brand new for 2020. Our mission is to provide fun, safe and high quality e-scooter guided sightseeing tours and scooter rentals around Kyiv. Our friendly guides have been chosen for their passion for Kyiv and their ability to tell you the stories you won’t find in the guidebooks. The e-scooters are fun, easy to ride and a great way to maximise your city sightseeing. We make as much use as possible of Kyiv’s developing cycle network, quiet roads and fantastic city parks to get close to all of the key sites around the city. You will cover far more ground than on a traditional walking tour without the risk of getting caught in the traffic jams on a car based tour. We look forward to having you come scoot with us 🙂

Mention Contamination Zone to receive a discount 🙂


Queens Pub

Queens Pub is a great little pub, in a good location. The staff tend to speak English, and even if the first person doesn’t – their colleague almost certainly will. They have English menus available. This place with its attentive table service is a favourite with the Contamination Zone team and we can be found here quite often 🙂

Mention “Charlie Tango-Chernobyl” for 15% discount if you have 10 or more people !

Na Podoli Pub

Owned by the same awesome people that run Queens Pub, Na Pololi is again in a good location, with great food and drinks. They have English menus available, and almost all staff can speak English.

Mention “Charlie Tango-Chernobyl” for 15% discount if you have 10 or more people !

Cooper Pub

Another pub in a great location and with great drinks, Cooper is open 24/7 and tends to be something of a magnet for English speaking people who live or work in Kyiv. The service is normally quite good and the drinks arrive reasonably fast.

With 24/7 table service, the Contamination Zone team have “accidently” spent many nights in this place until the early hours of the morning 🙂

Coyote Ugly

Extremely lively bar/club with dancing on the bar and a young crowd. Compared to other clubs and bars in Kyiv, there are not some of the traditional problems you see elsewhere. However, there is no cloakroom so I strongly advise not bringing a bag or jacket.

If you come here, you will have a crazy night and you will have stories to tell your friends. Just don’t drink too much.

And yes, this picture is our Trip Manager Mariya dancing on the bar 😀


Thought Coyote Ugly was crazy? Wait until you visit Barduck!

Barduckis a place where everyone can relax to the fullest.

Barduck will provide you with everything you need for this: show your strength in arm wrestling competitions at our professional table, play with friends in Mortal Kombat on Sega Mega Drive and PS3, play board games, try the most extreme cocktails from menu, SHOT SETS, cider and punch. There’s even more crazy things that happen here, you will have to visit to find out 🙂

Drunk Cherry

A small bar with so many great drinks – flavours you will never have tried before. Another must-visit bar, to enter you go up the steps to the back yard and then turn left where you will see it.

Pink Freud

Pink Freud is a cocktail bar in the cozy courtyard of Podil. In our list you will find exclusive signature cocktails from the masters of mixology – the science of combining tastes.
We create cocktails that surprise and make you happier. Quality ingredients and the art of creating flavor are our strong points. Your good mood is our vocation.
Drop into Grandpa Freud’s therapeutic space for cocktail therapy!

Urban Grill Meat & Cider

This place is awesome.

24-hour grill bar in the heart of Podil.

Meat & home-made cider for you and your friends.

Bilyi Nalyv

Hot dogs, pies and oysters – with cider and tinctures.

Bilyi Nalyv is a place devoted to our little sins, temptation and bon appetite.

Just let yourself feel the desire that occurs when you think about a glass of cold apple cider.

We pour the cider out of the barrels located under the ceiling. The show-pouring looks like this: a powerful meter flow of cider is broken down, the drink is filled with oxygen and you sea seductive foam, and the taste becomes really rich.

We appreciate your time and your choice, so we have only two rules:

  • any product or drink costs 1 euro.
  • you will get your order in 3 minutes.



If you are tired of city bustle and everyday worries – come to our place. At the door you will be greeted by the hostess, Solokha, who will offer you a place for comforting stay with pleasure, where you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of modern Ukrainian past and you will feel the true racy of Ukrainian comfort.

Here you will try delicious home-style Ukrainian cooking, which is various salads, homemade pickles, varenyky, deruny, homemade sausages, pancakes, tasty carps in sour cream, juicy veal and this is just a small list of our delicious menu. The taste and size of dishes will satisfy the requirements of a real gourmet, and the quality of service and prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Gorchitsa Café

This place is a personal favourite and is a superb small location to come and eat. The prices are very good but the establishment looks like a very high end place to eat. You must try the duck!

Last Barricade

Ostannya Barykada – is an art and gastronomic space, a meeting place of free people – new generation, born with three modern Ukrainian revolutions: Student Revolution 1990, Orange Revolution 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) 2014.

Ostannya Barykada is a place for people who are ready to defend their values, take responsibility and change the country.

Ostannya Barykada  is 100% Ukrainian gastronomy and the first 100% Ukrainian bar.

Boritesya – poborete! Fight and win! 

How to Find: Enter the Globus shopping centre and locate the lift at the circular atrium end. In the lift press the button marked ‘OB’. Enter the shop and give the password ‘Boritesya-poborete!’

Dogs and Tails

Apparently, the name means hotDOGS and cockTAILS – a great place with both the right spirits and proper food: appetizers, main dishes and – surprise – ONLY two desserts. 

The place is housed in a former cinema hall from 1922. The conserved ancient turquoise ceiling is part of the lofty design here – pure harmony!

The place works from noon till the last visitor. No breakfasts, but traditional recipe hot dogs from all over the world and new ones, invented here in Kyiv.